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Baby & You

The Baby & You program is your village, supporting our King County Pacific Islander birthing parents while upholding our traditional practices and values.

We've updated our childbirth education course to two Saturday sessions to provide a dedicated space for you to learn about the stages of pregnancy and birth and labor pain management.

Please get in touch with us for more information or if you are in need of resources, recommendations for caring for birth workers, and health insurance.

Why Childbirth Classes?

"The U.S. maternity care system fails to provide many childbearing people* and newborns with equitable, respectful, safe, effective, and affordable care. More people die per capita as a result of pregnancy and childbirth in this country than in any other high-income country."

- National Partnership for Women & Families

Our childbirth education course provides a dedicated space to learn about the stages of pregnancy and birth, and we can provide mentorship and monthly peer support groups and connect you to birth workers, lactation specialists, and other resources.  We want to improve maternity care and birth outcomes for both mother and child.

Pacific Islanders comprise a diverse and vibrant community, encompassing various Island nations throughout the South Pacific. Each nation has unique cultural practices, traditions, and health beliefs. Recognizing and incorporating these cultural aspects into prenatal and birthing services enhances the effectiveness of such programs. By tailoring the education and resources to meet the specific needs of Pacific Islander families, the Baby and You program aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes healthier pregnancies, better maternal and infant health outcomes, and ultimately reduces the risk of infant mortality.


The lack of culturally aligned prenatal services, health education, and resource access can contribute to health disparities and increased community risk factors. Addressing these gaps and providing comprehensive support, the Baby and You program is crucial in improving Pacific Islander families' overall health and well-being in King County.

Your village is here to help you during this journey with an understanding of our shared spiritual and traditional practices.  Call us today to join our Baby & You program!

Questions or to enroll: 253-235-5512,

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