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Statement from the Board regarding sexual violence in the community.

May 2022

In light of recent social media posts bringing forward the sexual violence and abuse of power from trusted community leaders, the PI Health Board of Washington offers our support and compassion.


We believe survivors. We will not let shame, fear, and guilt determine our behavior in addressing the trauma that sexual violence and abuse cause in our communities. We strongly condemn sexual violence and the silencing of survivors.


The PI Health Board of WA opens our doors to all survivors and those in need of support. If you are a survivor of sexual violence and abuse or know of someone who is a survivor, we encourage you to report and seek support services.


Our Pasifika community must do better. We must continue having these conversations in our communities, families, and churches to stop the violence and create change. The PI Health Board of WA is working with other organizations to address these issues and create a safe space to have these conversations in our community.


The Pacific Islander Health Board Executive Board Members



If you are in need of legal help, advocacy, guidance on reporting sexual violence, and mental health services please contact these resources below. We also encourage you to reach out to the PI Health Board of WA at 888-308-7113 and we will help connect you to the most appropriate resource.

API CHAYA: 1-877-922-4292

Pierce County Sexual Assault Resource Center (Rebuilding Hope)

24 HR Hotline: 253-474-7273, Office: 253-597-6424

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

24 HR Hotline: 888-998-6423, Office: 425-226-5062

King County CPS Intake Line


Pierce County CPS Intake Line


City of Seattle Legal Advocates

Olivia Herring: 206-375-6787, Rachel Sacco (for minors): 206-503-1738

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