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Schedule an appointment with a Health Navigator and enroll in a qualified health care plan

For Washington State residents

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Meet Our Staff

Our Staff

COFA Islander Programs /Health Insurance Navigators

Cultural Navigators


If you are looking for a doula with an knowledge and respect for your community, please contact us.

Email us! We look forward to hearing from you. Click the name to email a staff member.

Email the Health Care Navigators

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Reach out to our Health Navigators to sign up for a plan. All Pacific Islanders can sign up for a healthcare plan through Washington Healthplan Finder

We work with you and the village of support to deliver the best maternal and baby outcomes. Through our Childbirth education classes, Doula and Lactation services, and community-based support groups. Our place is where our people are! 


The lack of culturally aligned prenatal services, health education, and resource access can contribute to health disparities and increased pregnancy risk factors. The PI Health Board works with you in addressing these gaps and providing comprehensive support through our Baby & You Program. Taking care of Baby & You is crucial in improving Pacific Islander families' overall health and well-being in the King County area.

Sign up for Childbirth Education Classes

Join our childbirth education classes that teaches you all you need to know to navigate this chapter in your life.

We can help with translations or connect you with them to help with interpreter services.

Community centered. Compassionate.

Community Voices

“Bridging the gap and educating our people is so valuable.”


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Help us make a difference

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Donate to the PI Health Board

Your donation helps us be a catalyst for positive change in our communities by allowing us to hire and train community members while teaching our communities about health education and advocacy skills. 


Donate to Friendly Hmong Farms Youth Program

Friendly Hmong Farms Youth Program is a 4-week summer experience designed for youth ages 15-17 who identify as BlPOC, LGBTQA, and/or are neurodivergent. Participants deepen their understanding of food sovereignty, land reparations, and racial justice by actively engaging in the CSA to heal our communities through food and farming.  

We are inspired by BIPOC led youth and food justice programs such as Soil Speakers Bureau, Soul Fire Farm, Roots Rising, Grow Dat Youth Farm, The Food Project, Dare to Lead, School's Out Washington, ACT for Youth, Teaching Tolerance. 

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